Connect with shoppers

Beaconic enables the use of iBeacon technology for all company’s in the EU & US. With our platform its possible to connect to new customers and reward existing customers. We bring your in-store shoppers or audience even closer to your company with our beacon campaign manager.

Ready to use

Beaconic takes the Out-of-box experience to the next level for beacon technology. With our endless possibilities like our framework, app, beacon manager and API’s we offer a range of ways to connect. When you receive the beacons you can start adding campaigns to them with just a few clicks.

Unlimited options

Our Beaconic Retail Kit can be used for unlimited amount of possibilities. Use it for shops, museums, festivals or public spaces with its own specific information or reward. You can add any type of information to the iBeacon like offers or countdown rewards with our Beacon Manager.

FREE updates & support

We like to go further than just delivering your iBeacons and software! Next to our easy to use beacon/campaign manager and our frameworks and apps. You will also get FREE support for 2 years on every Retail Kit order. If you encounter any problems with our hardware we’ll solve it quick and we LOVE feedback about our software package. Hardware and framework updates are also FREE.

Quality over Quantity..

Our BLE 4.0 Smart Bluetooth™ with their specially developed ARM processors is the most stable iBeacon currently available. The battery of a beacon will live for an estimated 2 years and after setup you don’t have to go trough any kind of technical procedures on hardware and software side. From that moment you can manage their information signal with our CLOUD software for adding offers and rewards and setting up range and frequency.

Yes also cheap!

Our company is based in Holland (The Netherlands) and we are known to LOVE low priced products. Its not always a fact but with our product development we also did our best to make it available for all retail companies. The Beaconic Retail Kit is available for 10 euro (14$) a month and does make a difference! You buy the Retail Kit with 4 iBeacons and our extended software package with support for 2 years, no monthly fee. With this quality and price every store or company can start with the “Future of Retail”


How does Beaconic work?

Our Beaconic iBeacon has a built-in Bluetooth ® 4.0 chip. This iBeacon works for the entire license period purchased from our webshop. Our iBeacons are equipped with reusable 3M ® stickers for easy placement.

When activated our iBeacons transmit 2.4 GHz Bluetooth ® signals. These signals communicate with smartphones as close as four inches away from a iBeacon to a maximum range of 200 meters. Through our framework and the implementation of Apple iBeacon ® software users will receive notifications when entering their range (iOS 7).

ibeacon  iBeaconBeaconic iBeacons are using licensed Apple iBeacon ® technology
and are compatible with iBeacon-enabled Apple products
and applications.



DRAG & DROP framework

Implement Beaconic in existing or new iOS / Android applications. We will get you started like no other! Download our Drag & Drop framework for native iOS applications. Add it to your project or application and copy our example code into your delegate. Just add the Tracker ID that is added to the Retail Kit Box and its done. Your application will receive feedback from our framework with ready to use campaign information from our cloud servers. It just takes a few seconds to implement the framework and the data is ready to use and statistics will also be taken care off.

Download SDK

iBeacon & Campaign manager

With just a few clicks you add the iBeacons to our manager and you’re ready to add campaigns or information ..


Our goals is to make our platform available for every type of company and general users. Next to our possibilities to add iBeacons in your application, we also developed our own Beaconic app.

This application will search for all rewarding beacons within our platform and will introduce the micro-location technology to everyone. If your campaign is any type of offer or reward you can add your location to our app and attract a new bargain-hunters audience to your space.

With Beaconic we won’t obligate you to publish your own application and you can promote your iBeacons with the Beaconic stickers added to our Retail Kit.

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iBeacon technology will completely revolutionize the retail experience. Your phone will know what you like, and direct you to where those things are.

Mark Anderson, Technology expert

This has the potential to disrupt the retail experience as we know it, because it means we’re finally at a place where gadgets can talk to each other wirelessly without demanding that we, the users, make the arrangements at every encounter

Todd Dipaola, AppleInsider

It’s a step closer to our gear existing in a truly intelligent ecosystem. More exciting, though, are standalone iBeacons: low-cost gizmos that continually beam out a Bluetooth signal, running for up to a year on a small watch battery.

Kyle van Hemert, WIRED