DRAG & DROP framework

Implement Beaconic in existing or new iOS / Android applications. We will get you started like no other! Download our Drag & Drop framework for native iOS applications. Add it to your project or application and copy our example code into your delegate. Just add the Tracker ID that is added to the Retail Kit Box and its done. Your application will receive feedback from our framework with ready to use campaign information from our cloud servers. It just takes a few seconds to implement the framework and the data is ready to use and statistics will also be taken care off.

Download SDK

API CORE Framework

Your company owns an application with offers or rewards and now you want to use beacons? No problem. We developed a reseller possibility with JSON API core functionalities. This would mean that activated iBeacons sold by your company are available in your SDK. This offers an unlimited amount of possibilities for your app! You could connect the offers, information or rewards of customers iBeacons with your backend without managing any actual devices.

We got more.. For every order of a Beaconic Retail Kit or custom solution you will get a fee! This would mean you can extend your app with BLE Beacon technology without managing the actual beacons and earn money. These functionality’s can give your platform an HUGE boost and its the same EASY framework only it will monitor all your customers.

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